IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Director of Services/Clinician


This position involves the provision of an array of training, support, and IADL’s services with a minimum amount of psycho-educational interventions provided within the community and residential settings. Certified Substance Abuse Counselor Assistants (CSAC-As) are responsible for client related documentation and reports as well as the development and implementation of treatment goals and objectives. Facilitating parent and peer support training groups as needed.  On a monthly basis, 95.0% of the services provided are to be in the form of direct involvement and training with client’ and/or their family members. Remaining hours will consist of conducting service coordination and administrative duties. Position reports directly to DOS.


  • Screening clients to determine eligibility and appropriateness for admission to a particular program;
  • Intake of clients by performing the administrative and initial assessment tasks necessary for admission to a program;
  • Orientation of new clients to program’s rules, goals, procedures, services, costs, and the rights of the client;
  • Assessment of client’s strengths, weaknesses, problems, and needs for the development of a treatment plan;
  • Treatment planning with the client to identify and rank problems to be addressed, establish goals, and agree on treatment processes;
  • Counseling the client utilizing specialized skills in both individual and group approaches to achieve treatment goals and objectives;
  • Case management activities that bring services, agencies, people, and resources together in a planned framework of action to achieve established goals;
  • Crisis intervention responses to a client’s needs during acute mental, emotional, or physical distress;
  • Education of clients by providing information about drug abuse and available services and resources;
  • Referral of clients in order to meet identified needs unable to be met by the counselor and assisting the client in effectively utilizing those resources;
  • Reporting and charting information about a client’s assessment, treatment plan, progress, discharge summaries, and other client-related data; and
  • Consultation with other professionals to assure comprehensive quality care for the client.



  • Case management
  • Client documentation
  • Oral and written communication
  • Family counseling
  • Human development
  • Service plan development and implementation
  • Group dynamics
  • Report writing and other client documentation

Knowledge of

  • Community resources
  • Counseling interventions
  • Computer software
  • Program planning and coordination
  • Crisis intervention


  • CPR/First Aid
  • Medication training
  • Restraint techniques


  • Home telephone
  • DMV license
  • Cellphone

Minimum Qualification:

Applicant must meet at least the criteria of CSAC-A as established by the designated regulatory agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia. A Substance Abuse Counselor Assistant must have, at minimum, a high school diploma or GED. The candidate will need 300 hours of substance abuse education, comprised of 120 hours of didactic training and 180 hours of experiential training.


SAIOP (CSAC-A) – Job Description